New Original White Sage Tarot Paintings!
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Business Card Reading

So you picked a business card and you are wondering what it means?
Here's a little message for the card from my White Sage Tarot deck that you were drawn to...

enjoy, t. 

Starting at top and moving clockwise. 

Page of Cups
youthful, creative, feminine energy
When this sweet young otter graces your presence with a cup of turmeric ginger chai, take her up on her offer. Take a sip, close your eyes. Then let your tensions vanish. Remember what it was like to be a child? Allow your creative side to flourish. Chakra 2: pelvis, orange light

inner teacher, power of letting go
The Hierophant is all about learning good judgement. No need to search, the answers lie deep inside. You only need to sit and quiet your mind. This deer knows how to be a deer. Although she is vulnerable, she is confident yet relaxed. 

King of Swords
Intellectual, logical, severe
The King of Swords can hold his own in an intellectual conversation but can struggle when connecting to his intuition. He is a positive guy who is deeply devoted to his family. He is good at listening to both sides of an argument before giving advice. 

Queen of Wands
Competent, exuberant
The Queen of Wands can refer to a woman with a lot of fire energy who is feminine, strong and confident, with a positive uplifting vibe. She carries a staff she isn't afraid to use, with an intensity that gets the job done. 

Knight of Cups
Soft heart with a hard outer shell
The Knight of Cups otter doesn't leave home without his messenger bag and a cup of dark, black coffee. Don't let his hard metal helmet fool you -- he's a softy and a good listener at heart. He carries an optimistic message; a call to action.