New Original White Sage Tarot Paintings!
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White Sage Tarot - Collector's Limited Edition Bundle

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White Sage Tarot - Collector's Limited Edition Bundle



Email Theresa and let her know you want one :)

What’s included in the Collector's Edition Bundle?

1)  78 Card White Sage Tarot Deck signed & numbered 1/50, 2/50, 3/50…

2) Bonus “White Sage” Card (see owl below)
    The White Sage #22 - only 50 will be printed

3) Small Spread Cloth - sizes vary between 12x12 inches (30.48 x 30.48 cm) 17x17inches  (43.18 x 43.18cm) Every cloth is unique dyed with natural items like roses, coconut, and indigo and temple flowers like marigolds that are upcycled and made into dyes! - smells like heaven - very special cloths so you can store your deck and spread on a small cafe table for a reading - the Adiv cloth that you get was meant for you! 
Please go to for details on this amazing company! 

4) A little white book - A small printed book that describes the intention of all images, in a very simple format.

5) CLICK FOR FREE PDF DOWNLOAD HERE  A detailed look at every one of the cards & simple explanations of tarot and chakra basics too! 

6) Sprig of White Sage - used to cleanse your deck -  Light the sage with a match over a plate or a shell (something fire-proof) - allow the smoke to cover your deck to smudge it

All Natural dyes like coconut and indigo from Adiv-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

When do I get it?
They haven’t been printed yet and I’m hoping to get them to you in September!

 How many White Sage Tarot decks can I get?  
1 or 2 decks

 How many are available total when the sale started?  

The White Sage
The White Sage (detail) 

Upright deep wisdom, big picture
The White Sage is a majestic owl. One who knows better than to fall for the latest dramatic stunt. She understands that life is bigger than the little snap-shots that represent it. She is not swayed, instead sits back all knowing, and laughs. Fear is too much weight to bare.

Reversed lighter day-to-day wisdom 
When the White Sage shows up in reverse, she is still a positive omen. She knows enough to be light, and love. In reverse her wisdom is about the immediate, day-to-day situations.
Chakra 7 Sahasrara, crown, white light

If you live near Uptown Mpls and are willing to pick up your deck, please use promo-code: save7 in the checkout to get Free Shipping! 




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