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A Little Bit About My Decks

White Sage Tarot
Seeking a way to balance the hyper-masculine energy in our culture with a strong and feminine deck, White Sage Tarot was born. It is unique and features traditional methods such as watercolor and gouache. White Sage Tarot is modern minimalist 78 card deck based in a classical model of tarot. Animals wear clothing and crowns, creating a whimsical touch to both the Court Cards and the Major Arcana. The deck is infused with 7 Chakras (energy centers) colored ribbons as an additional way to read the deck.

Land Sky Oracle 
Land Sky Oracle is based on my journey through Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga. These teachings include sacred yet practical ways to incorporate ancient yogic wisdom into our daily lives.

For visual learners, it is difficult to let the words from books sink in. As a yoga teacher and artist, I found that I would re-read books only to discover I’d forget the Sanskrit and the lessons before I could use them. I decided to paint cards with images that were channeled through my meditation practice. I hope this deck helps you incorporate the 8 Limbs into your life. 

- t. 

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